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October 06, 2011

Webinar: NoSQL, NewSQL, Hadoop and the future of Big Data management

Join me for a webinar where I discuss how the recent changes and trends in big data management effect the enterprise.  This event is sponsored by Red Rock and RockSolid.


It is an exciting and interesting time to be involved in data. More change of influence has occurred in the database management in the last 18 months than has occurred in the last 18 years. New technologies such as NoSQL & Hadoop and radical redesigns of existing technologies, like NewSQL , will change dramatically how we manage data moving forward. 

These technologies bring with them possibilities both in terms of the scale of data retained but also in how this data can be utilized as an information asset. The ability to leverage Big Data to drive deep insights will become a key competitive advantage for many organisations in the future.

Join Tony Bain as he takes us through both the high level drivers for the changes in technology, how these are relevant to the enterprise and an overview of the possibilities a Big Data strategy can start to unlock.




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