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August 04, 2011

IA Ventures - Jobs shout out

My friends over at IA Ventures are looking both for an Analyst and for an Associate to their team.  If Big Data, New York and start-ups is in your blood then I can’t think of a better VC to be involved in. 

From the IA blog:

"IA Ventures funds early-stage Big Data companies creating competitive advantage through data and we’re looking for two start-up junkies to join our team – one full-time associate / community manager and one full time analyst. Because there are only four of us (we’re a start-up ourselves, in fact), we’ll need you to help us investigate companies, learn about industries, develop investment theses, perform internal operations, organize community events, and work with portfolio companies—basically, you can take on as much responsibility as you can handle."

Roger, Brad and the team continue to impress with their focus on Big Data, their strategic investments in monetizing data and knowledge of the industry in general.


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