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July 06, 2009

How to Position your Database Start Up

I have been speaking with a lot or new database vendors over the last 12 months and this has prompted me to revisit a post I wrote mid last year.  The basic premise of this post is that your strategy, and the group of people you’re selling to, largely depends on the market sector you are focusing on (Enterprise OLTP, BI/DW, Cloud & Web 2.0).

A database platform by itself is a largely pointless piece of software.  The only way value is produced from a database platform is through the applications that interact with it.  Therefore the only way to be a successful database platform is by making others successful and motivated to use your platform.

Ok, so as a database platform vendor how do you enter this market then? Well there are a few strategies.  Due to the length of this article I have broken it up into Enterprise OLTP, Enterprise Data Warehousing and Cloud & Web 2.0


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