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January 23, 2009

Kickfire: Data Analytics for the Masses

You may not realize it, but the data analytics market is buzzing. There are new vendors emerging, new products popping up, new deals being done, and several new strategies being pursued. Vendors are predominately chasing big data, with battles lines being drawn by solution providers that cater to between roughly 100 TB and 10 PB data sets. The battle was inevitable because the world is producing data at a phenomenal rate, and we have an increasing need to analyze them within shorter time frames. In this post we analyze one of these vendors, Kickfire.

Yet while the big names in town are capturing the headlines, in reality only a small percentage of businesses today need to be able to analyze petabytes of data. Today, the rest of us are more likely to deal with analytic data sets in the 50 GB to 3 TB range.

Kickfire is interesting because it has decided to let the other vendors fight it out for the massive data volumes. Instead, it has focused on a relatively untapped segment: the MySQL database market or, more correctly, the market that MySQL serves.  [more]

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